TeknoWood applied three different wood construction techniques in its designs: Lo - Frame - CLT.

First of all, below you may find basic information about foundation preparations since the foundation structure is same in all three techniques:

The foundation is created as reinforced raft in all techniques. Inlet and outlet service ducts run through the foundation. However, wood foundation is applied on prefabricated bearing footings in areas where using reinforced concrete is impossible. In such a case, CLT panels are used as above foundation slab.

Joists are installed on marble or iroko curbs created on the foundation in the structures starting from the foundation in order to enable floor insulation and precise leveling. Structures are attached to foundation reinforcements with Halfen anchorages through the walls in application of all three techniques.






Timber Log

Also known as “Log Cabin” colloquially. TeknoWood Timber Log structures are prismatic glulam applications of known log cabins.

Glulam profiles sized in Krusi automation lines of TeknoWood workshop are first sized and then top and bottom coupling surface ducts are drilled in order to ensure full joining and locking during installation and precise finishing of joint plumb-line on the wall surface. Following asymmetric milling of all four sides, anchorage joint, electricity and water installation ducts are opened and log profiles are prepared for installation.

Wall thickness of TeknoWood Log structures are 14 cm. However, optional application up to 8 cm is possible.

Glulam profiles are interlocked with corner joints in very precise measurements while being stacked. Asymmetric milling not only improves durability, but also ensures ease of self-angulation.

Joinery and door fitting edges are made of profiles similar to Boomerang using TeknoWood design frames for visual and precise joinery harmony. Thus, joinery are installed precisely. Water and temperature passes of joinery and frame edges are impeccably insulated.

Walls are interlocked at ceiling height using 20 cm long beams at 120 cm intervals. Accordingly, your TeknoWood Timber Log house is delivered as ready to live in a healthy and secure way thanks to joining of female and male ducts drilled at all junction points using precision automation machinery.

Soundproof CLT panels are installed on ceiling beams of ceiling or middle-layer coverings. Visible top layers of the panels are optionally manufactured in requested wood and texture.

CLT panels are insulated using high value and density Nordtex and Actis Boost components prior or roof cladding.

Roofs are cladded using conventional methods. Roof claddings may be quartz membrane or tile.


Timber Frame

Structures of Timber Frame model are manufactured with load-bearing column and beam glulam profiles of walls and ceilings locked using slots facing each other. Load-bearing system and partition components appear as frames of floor & ceiling beams.

12cm thick rock wool or pressed wood fibers are used as filling components in frame voids. Top coating of interior wall coverings are completed using 2 cm thick SW Panels prepared in any - preferred - wood and texture and appeal to the eye. Plasterboards may be preferred as visual finish of interior walls as an economic option.

Ceiling or middle layer coverings are finished in the same way as Timber Log model. Primarily OSB, Tyvek water vapor and water membrane coating and subsequent alternative claddings such as paneling or decorative acrylic surface coating, tile and even stone may be preferred as exterior finish.

In Timber Frame technique, the structure is also anchored to the ground using Halfen components, and electricity and plumbing run through filling components and ceiling voids.



What is CLT? CLT BBS is a multilayer wood construction material diagonally laminated (glued) to one another. Large dimensions are available by pressing the wood layers longitudinally and transversely using natural adhesives. Performance manifested by swelling and shrinkage of wood after CLT is created is reduced to an almost invisible level. Accordingly, wood is developed as a luxurious modern construction material and becomes a primary construction material.

CLT BBS composition has only 0.6% eco-friendly adhesive. Monoblock wood becomes a monolithic construction material having high load-bearing capacity and fireproof, sound and heat insulation properties. Allows for complete dry applications.

Buildings constructed using CLT have convenient and balanced climate in summers and winters. Humidity rate in CLT structure air is also regulated.

Thanks to CLT both design and applications are simplified. Physics of the buildings designed are easily calculated and applied, and thanks to easy testability, the structural, physical, and mechanical properties are easy to define in advance. Many designers consider using CLT as a great advantage. CLT eliminates the design complexity, and details and building inspections become are simplified.

CLT is now manufactured as a monoblock with 32 cm thickness, 3.5 m width, and 22 m length. It is prepared in alternative visual finishes particularly on the interior walls. Therefore, interior wall finishing materials and labor are no longer required in CLT structures. On the other hand, manufacturers preparing the panel joining edges free-of-charge as well as the discovery of robust fitting alternatives and easy applications made CLT economically more advantageous compared to all other alternatives.

TeknoWood CLT Application: TeknoWood started using CLT in floor and ceiling covering solutions of timber structures in particular ever since its establishment. However, due to latest developments and modifications, using CLT as wall and load-bearing component is now inevitable. TeknoWood’s difference in CLT applications stands out in edge joining design beyond the overall design.

Rigid screwing technique is still used for corner joints in many applications. TeknoWood CLT has developed TeknoWood Fix fitting allowing more robust and faster installation without compromising on corner joint flexibility. TeknoWood Fix fitting attachment is made of 304 Chromium, rustproof, and brings not only flexibility but also robustness to corner joints of structures in all aspects.

Wall to wall, wall to covering joints are easily fit in seconds thanks to TeknoWood Fix.

A typical CLT Structure

CLT applications in TeknoWood Floor and Ceiling coverings

TeknoWood Fix CLT Fitting. CLT application in Wood Structure applications is inevitable for TeknoWood, and projects and designs are developed accordingly from now on. Thus, we’ve prioritized CLT Structures in our entire promotional activities of 2015.

In addition to all of these advantages, certain CLT construction applications require complementary Glulam Timber utilization. Attachment may be required in applications of CLT panels’ joint edges in floor coverings and wide distance passes. In such cases, Glulam support makes the application easier, and contribute to visual quality.

TeknoWood CLT Structures provides interior finish, however, they may require exterior insulation with high density Nordtex or Actis Wood Fiber cladding based on the region and climate conditions. While wood paneling may be used as topcoat on top of insulation, many exterior cladding alternatives such as decorative plaster may be preferred.